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Forming second 40 ppl raid static

Walkingdeath / Nov 08, 2019
guys I'm starting to search more people to guild to make a second 40 ppl raid static. If anyone has an alt and want to join second raid static with alt. Or maybe you haven't a core place in first raid static and want a core place in second. Or maybe you just want to raid in another day. - Just wisp me. I need to know. First of all it affect all warriors. We have to many warriors in first raid static. There are 10 warriors who sign MC event. Too much. So please think who want switch to second raid ?
second raid static will start raiding in 2-3 weeks. MC raid time: Thursday 20.00-00.00
And in near few weeks be ready that many new people will join our guild.

I'll reorganize guild ranks. It would be Casual raider 1 or Casual raider 2, and Core raider 1, Core Raider 2.

dunno about loot system yet. Maybe would be Council loot, maybe EPGP.
please add your alt if you want to raid on alt (and near main char nickname for understanding)
and please add only your main nickname if you want to switch to second raid


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